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Woo, man. I just love him.

"You’ve got no bone to give me, Richard."

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God damn shit.
Kass is the worst.

The survivor all stars cast commentaries make me feel so uncomfortable.


I can’t decide which Survivor boxed set to buy.

Life dilemmas.

I think this is considered a First World problem.

I spent the day watching Survivor: All Stars with commentary, eating banana ice cream, and then a traditional Hedley concert with my best friend.

Now I’m watching Survivor: Cagayan.
What a good fucking day off.

Spending the next hour watching all of the survivor auctions consecutively.

YouTube is a wonderful place.

I’m listening to the Survivor roast, and now I think I actually like Abi-Maria.

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Today was my day off.

I’m not really sure if I had planned on doing anything productive, but I pretty much just spent the day eating Halloween candy and listening to Rob has a Podcast.

I’m okay with it.

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