You probably have a drinking problem when your local bar wishes you a happy birthday on their public facebook.

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and now its my birthday in Canada.

Its my birthday in New Zealand.

December is such a great month.

I’m starting to get birthday emails.
Tooooo early guys.

There are 45 days until I’m feeling 22.

the yokes! the yokes.

My birthday is in 2 months.

Feel free to book your flights now & bring me gin.

Good Things #170 / December 9th, 2011 
  • Twenty.
  • An abundance of lovely tweets from my friends.
  • Sprinkle donut from Bailey at midnight!
  • Finished setting up the bingo!
  • Misfits.
  • Snowed in the morning!
  • Day off because Bailey is awesome.
  • PICK & MIX
  • Pay Day!
  • Kathleen made me the best hunger games cake ever.
  • Suited up for Laser tag.
  • Won $3 on my scratch card from Ali!
  • More Sushi than one could ever order… ever.
  • The Festival of Lights.
  • Laser Maze!
  • Kicked ass at Laser tag. 
  • Kicked ass at the last round of Laser maze.
  • Bowling at Boston Pizza.
  • Birthday Drink!
  • Getting pulled away. (I’m still not sure if this is a good thing or not… but It made me giggle pretty hard.) 
  • "Stop being so weird. Are you ok?" "Yeah, I’m fine. Are YOU ok?" "Uh, yeah! I’ve been staring at you all night." "Me? WHY!" "Are you serious… Stop being weird!" "Its just who I am." "No… its 12:30." "What?" "Didn’t you just say it was 2am?"  
  • Awkward birthday hug because it is my birthday.
  • Cake and Ice cream back at my house… again.

I have the best friends. Thanks for making my birthday one of the best I’ve ever had.

I guess Twenty isn’t all that bad.