Good Things #20
  • It was warm out today.
  • Stuffed Easter Eggs with Valerie & Bailey.
  • Easter earrings from John the Jeweller!
  • Lots and lots of Chocolate consumed.
  • Tim’s with Ali & Zach.
  • Egyptian Rat Screw & Asshole.
  • Olivia & Nick visited us at work!
  • The most delicious lunch and dinner ever.
April Challenge

16. Are you doing anything special for Easter this year? My parent’s are in Hawaii for Easter this year. My first Easter dinner was last Sunday, my second Easter dinner is tomorrow, and then I’ll be joining 2 Easter dinners on actual Easter Sunday. Does that fit into ‘special’? OH, and my 28 year old cousin wants to have an Easter Egg Hunt for the first time in my lifetime. 

April Challenge

14. When someone says “April” what do you think of? Rain.. and Easter. :D

Good Things #7
  • Grandma brought me a container full of mini reese cups.
  • Easter Brunch at Cora’s with the Grandparents.
  • DQ Blizzard.
  • Moved my dresser into my closet!
  • Vagina Monologues with Bailey.
  • Wendy’s with Bailey.
  • Made it home without running out of gas.
  • Caught up on Shaytards.
  • Read more of The Virgin Suicides.

I’m so excited. I love brunch.

let the Easter games begin!

3 Easter dinners this year?!

woah there.