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i dont go on skype anymore. chat with me by screaming as loud as you can into the night sky. i will be listening

Amy and I are proof that this method works.

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18 moments every backpacker experiences


1, 7, 10 all cairns!

This is so true though… Can’t wait to travel again!! :D

4!! “Why are you going to Adelaide? Do you like churches? Are you like super religious or something? Adelaide is boring. There’s nothing to do in Adelaide.”





Is it summer yet?

Yes. Today was 27 degrees and the high was at 5pm and the sun didn’t go down until 8.30 and it’s wonderful so come here now :D

Damn it Amy! Stop trying to tempt me.

Sometimes I think about the days of internet past, and I think what I miss most of all is chatting to the team all of the time.

We were ALWAYS online, and I never got any sleep because we were always tokboxing and having ridiculous picture parties.

Now we’re doing amazing things like making movies, filming sports, starting our own businesses, travelling the world, and kind of being adults.

I’m only mildly nostalgic because I’m pretty ridiculously proud of everyone.

Life is cool.

Americans Taste Test Australian Snack Foods


Where do I even start with this shit. Milo is fucking drinking chocolate, CHOCOLATE and it’s delicious! 

Allens packaging is fine, you snob!

Why are you spitting out the chicken chips…?! RUDE!

OKAY here we go. Vegemite. What kind of dumb fuck reads ‘yeast extract’ and thinks ‘better just shove an entire spoonfull in my mouth.’

NO, seriously? It’s a spread, put it on something!

And why the fuck does that dumb bitch know what dog food tastes like?!

Glad to see they had some Tim Tams there to wash it all down.

Ugh I’m not even Australian….

Amy, I’m crying. Omgggg.

Also, how does one shit on shapes? Those things are addicting and delicious.

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Its been a year on the 11th since I left for NZ, and now Amy is going through all of our Australia photos on facebook and gosh daaarrrrn it - the feels.

I miss Saudi, and Vancouver, and Germany, and Zheeeeeee Germans, and Bo, and Thor, and Dennis & Nicklas, and Viktor & Robin, and Lawrence the boy with the bread, and Adam & Scott, and Tori, and Thomas, and Meagan, and Jackie, and Brittany, and Jenna, and Lena, and Lisa, and the trolley fam, and Missy, and Jake, and jeeeeeeeeeeesus just get me a plane ticket already.

I’d even go as far as to say I miss Hannah, and Sarah, and Helene, and Aja, and the gay Brazilian, and the naked man from the Sydney Hostel.
Now that’s saying something.