Its been exactly two years since the team spent a weekend together.

Two years ago today we were riding coasters at Cedar Point and making sure Charle wasn’t going to vomit. 

Two years ago last night The Weave & The Trolley and I spent hours cackling about some guy and the cheese who was hiding and creeping on our trip, and god knows what else. (We actually cant remember because we were laughing so hard. But we know it was hysterical.)

Almost two years since those damn jumping photos. 

Two years since stick Randi became a thing.

I miss my team. 

Time for a reunion.


jhdthe8 replied to your photo: My lighting sux.

your lighting is bad, you should feel bad

I feel awful.

come fix it for me!

jhdthe8 replied to your post: i hate food.

You should give me your food instead, because I love it

imnotafanofsharks replied to your post: i hate food.

you spelled “love” wrong

We should all eat food together again.

jhdthe8 replied to your post: You smoke?! :O

haha i think it’s funny that you gave me grief about smoking

hahhaha ooooops.

jhdthe8 replied to your link: My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2011-10-30)

Maxïmo Park! Awesome band

don’t I know it.


jhdthe8 replied to your post: jhdthe8 replied to your quote: “Hey, I saw Brooke…

you should have recorded it or something. I’m really awkward around people that use to go to my high school. Mostly because i don’t know what to say and i don’t really want to talk to them

My life could be one awkward sitcom then. I used to go to school with this kid, AND he was my neighbour/my best friend until I was about 7. It was just so awkward. I didn’t know what to say so.. you know.. i just made myself look busy - cause I was at work. God I hate living in such a small town. I CANNOT HIDE FROM ANYONE.

jhdthe8 replied to your quote: “Hey, I saw Brooke the other day…. Man that girl…

I know I’m in the minority here, but I don’t think you’re that awkward…

I appreciate that - really. But man.. If you had seen this encounter. Oh god.. it was just - just so painful.

jhdthe8 replied to your post: All Good Things June - July #81

Bob Evans is good, i swear one of these needs to happen again soon-ish

I second that. GET TO CANADA.

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